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If you are focusing on growing your business and keeping customers happy, you don’t have time to constantly talk with potential hires. When you are finally ready to hire someone, it can be expensive. Claim your free company page now and start attracting a following of people who fit your hiring needs and culture so you can hire when you are ready.

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Fit Tool

Tired of telling people to go to your website and apply to your jobs, only to receive endless unqualified applicants? Share your Imagine Careers company page so potential candidates can qualify their skills with your hiring needs, and spend more time talking to people who fit your company.

Fit Tool

Job Postings

Posting and rewriting job descriptions is annoying, especially when most people apply to your jobs without even reading them. When you add old and new job postings to your company page, our technology uses the skills and qualifications to build a quality match with our registered users.

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Talent Discovery Tool

Trying to find people who fit your job descriptions can be a headache. Use the job descriptions you have to create a role that lets you search our database for the ideal person you would like to hire. Once you a fit reach out to that person by requesting to engage with them to start.

Talent Discovery Tool

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